Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How Do You Maximise Your Profits In Any Trade On The Stock Market

How Do You Maximise Your Profits In Any Trade On The Stock Market

Secure Trades

In trading the stock market, no-one has a crystal ball. The price of stocks can go down, as well as up. What is needed is an exit strategy that will enable you to survive the bad stocks, and make a good profit on the good stocks.
The method that found to work the best is a trailing stop loss. For those who don’t know what a stop loss is, I shall explain briefly. A stop loss is an order for your stock broker to sell your shares if the price dips to the level that you have specified.
There are two ways of doing this. The simplest method is to decide on how much you are willing to lose as a percentage of your investment. A good rule is not to go less than 10%. Work out the price of the stock at this level and set that as your stop loss. As the price of the stock increases, keep moving the level of the stop up to keep the percentage gap the same. Some brokers offer a trailing stop loss service, where you tell them what percentage to set the loss at and they do it for you.
The second method is slightly more complicated, and comes from “Nicolas Darvas” in his book “How I made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market”. The markets tend to flow in stages. a stock on the rise will reach a peak, and then dip back down. It may do this several times at each stage. The idea is to follow the chart of the stock and see where the dips are the lowest, and set the stop loss just below them. A second part which Nicolas propounds is that when the stock breaks out of the sideways trend, to buy more of the stock, and when the stock starts going sideways again to move the stop loss up again to just below the lowest part of the dip.

Prifitable Trades

Using the stop loss as an exit strategy, only works if you stick to it, and not lower it, thinking that the price will go up again in a few days. In a few cases you will be right, but what usually happens is the price keeps moving against you, and you loose even more money. As a secondary to this, the money still tied up in the first stock that is falling can’t be used on another trade.


Finally, a word of warning about using the stop loss system to protect your capital. There are times when the markets undergo a fast fall in price, there are regulations about how far a price can fall in one-day. If it falls this maximum distance, it can bypass your stop loss, and you may be unable to sell. Although these situations are rare, it is better that you know about them. So that they are not a shock when they do happen to you.

There are many resources that you can use when trading on Metatrader, which you can find from the trading platform you use.

This system is highly recommended and it`s founder is a renound stock broker, and it shows you when exactly to enter or exit a trade.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to be a successful forex trader using Forex Expert Advisors

How to be a successful forex trader using Forex Expert Advisors 

The world of forex trading is high pressure, fast paced, and tempestuous. There is an art to plying the markets, and it is one that the most successful must spend years perfecting. There are no shortcuts, no ‘get out of jail free’ cards, and no magic potions that will help you to achieve. This means that choosing the right forex trading system is essential. The best way to succeed in the markets is by building strong foundations for your trading strategy, and the system that you adopt will have an important role to play. The various elements of it should work together to create a cohesive and successful whole, and this means that each element has to be carefully selected with a view to how it will complement your overall approach.

1. How to choose a forex trading system wisely
Many traders don't spend enough time researching the EAs market. Sadly, the EAs market is flooded with SCAMS - 90% of EAs are sold by marketers instead of traders and developers. Because marketers know how to attract your attention with big words and promises, many people fall into this trap.
Wall Street Forex Robot

What should you do?
Look at the results, do not listen to words only. Backtests are good, but live results are the only thing that matters. Look for third party verified results - is great for this purpose. Look for a long enough performance record - at least six months or more. Pay attention to the balance curve - if it is completely flat, STAY AWAY – it means that this is a "no-stop-loss" system, "martingale", or just another reckless system!

Forex Trendy
A healthy EA equity curve looks like a nice market trend - it goes up, but has some corrections/drawdown periods as well. Look at the number of trades - less than 100 trades is not representative enough. As a final step, look around in forums to check up on the reputation of a vendor and its products.

Xtreme FX Profit

 Choose wisely with regards to trading system you wish to go with, and REMEMBER your forex system should deliver success after success.


Monday, May 16, 2016

Fibonacci Pivot Strategy

Fibonacci Pivot Strategy Rules:
The majority of traders are used to the Fibonacci retracement tool, however, not the same can be said when it comes to the Fibonacci extension tool which are far less popular among traders however it has far more accuracy the than Fibonacci retracement levels have. The Fibonacci extension tool will help you to identify possible entry points as well as taking profits points, will project future price movement and if you’re trading with Elliott Wave theory the extension tool is a must.
Our strategy is based around the Fibonacci extension tool and some pivot points. Since the market is fractal in nature this strategy is suited for all time frames and can be traded from the 5 minute chart all the way to the daily and weekly chart, however, it’s performing better on the daily chart.

The Fibonacci extension tool takes three reference points in consideration. If we’re bullish on the market, you take in consideration the last low to the most recent high and back to the most recent low and it’s going to give you a top side extension. If we’re bearish on the market, we’re going to take our most recent high, last low and then back to the most recent high and we’re going to get our downside extension.
For whatever reason the market it seems that it likes to come back to the 100% Fibonacci extension level, which is equal legs from the high/lows. Speaking from my own experience there is a higher probability that the 100% Fibonacci extension level will hold than the 50% Fibonacci retracement level.
The best thing about trading Fibonacci extension level is that it’s having a higher predictive level of where the market is going. However, we’re not going to use this tool in isolation but in combination or in confluence with the pivot points. When I’m referring to the pivot points I’m not speaking about the mathematical ones, but a pivot point is formed when we have a strong day in one direction of the market and the following day the market goes in the opposite direction and a new trend has started.
Daily Fibonacci Pivot Strategy
Bottom Pivot

Buy rules:

  • Wait for the 100% Fib extension to be reached;
  • For better accuracy wait for the daily close, but it’s not mandatory;
  • Only enter in confluence with a Pivot Point; As long as we stay above the pivot point the signal is still valid even though we may break a little bit below the 100% Fib extension
  • Stop Loss = 10 pips below the Pivot Point;
  • Take profit = 50% retracement;
Fibonacci Pivot Strategy Rules

Sell Rules:

  • Wait for the 100% Fib extension to be reached;
  • For better accuracy wait for the daily close, but it’s not mandatory;
  • Only enter in confluence with a Pivot Point; As long as we stay below the pivot point the signal is still valid even though we may break a little bit above the 100% Fib extension
  • Stop Loss = 10 pips above the Pivot Point;
  • Take profit = 50% retracement

In the above example, we notice a nice buying opportunity and even though we may slightly break the equal legs or the 100% Fib extension we kept on staying above the pivot point and ultimately it went to our target. In the second example, we can see that it’s a continuation from above example, but this time around by drawing the Fibonacci extension levels from the subsequent waves a selling opportunity arose right after we have taken our profits from the long position.

Happy Trading...

Friday, May 13, 2016

Start Trading Online!: The biggest secret of short-term trading!

Start Trading Online!: The biggest secret of short-term trading!: The biggest secret of short-term trading! Short Term Trading   Not for the Faint of Heart? The bottom line is short-term sp...

The biggest secret of short-term trading!

Short Term Trading

 Not for the Faint of Heart?

The bottom line is short-term speculation is incredibly difficult. And I'll be the first to admit it isn't for everybody. Heck, it probably isn't for most folks. However, to suggest short-term trading is an impossible endeavor to succeed at is just plain wrong!
The major principle of short-term trading can be put as follows - the less the duration of a trading operation is, the less money one can make. Do you remember an investment that you once have taken part in? It is most likely that the term of a deal exceeded a day. As a general rule of life corresponds to the main rule of speculation: time needed for the profit might increase. 
Prosperous Forex traders know that the market may move slightly in one minute, it may continue moving in 5 minutes and move even further in 60 minutes, and it is unknown to what extent it may move within a day or week. Short terms of trading limit potential of profit. That is why there are few examples of traders who have achieved a lot dealing with short-term trading. The wrong arguments underlie the reason for working during a day. 
They are as follows: without leaving deals open over nights, one avoids exposure to relevant news, and thus the risks are minimal. First of all, your risk is under your control. You have a possibility to place stop loss levels, i.e. the levels where a position closes automatically. Even if the following morning the market opens with a gap longer than a stop, there are methods to cut down losses. When you open a position with a stop, you may lose only previously determined amount of money. 
Wall Street
Irrespective of the fact when or how you open the deal, a stop minimizes the risk. Buying at the highest level of a new market or at the lowest level, you risk equally. The rejection to move positions to overnight limits the time during which your investment could increase. Sometimes the market opens against you, but if we are on the right way, in many cases the market opens in your favour. And what is more important, finishing our trade at the end of the day or, what is even worse, at a random moment, i.e. at 5- or 10-minute chart, we limit potential profit drastically. 
Remember that the difference between the losers and winners is that losers stick to their losses. The other distinction is that the winners keep their profitable positions, while the losers exit too early. It looks like the losers cannot stand being in a winning position, they are so happy to get some profit that they exit the game too early (usually during the day of entry). You will never earn a lot of money until you learn to hold your winning positions. Meanwhile, the longer you hold them, the bigger profit potential you have. 
Profitable Short Term Trades
 When sowing the field, successful farmers do not dig plants up every several minutes in order to look to what extent they have grown. They just let them grow. The natural process of growing could teach traders a good lesson. The successful traders' work resembles the farmers' job - one needs time to grow profitable deals.

Happy Trading...