Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Citidel LTD Investment App Review; Proven and Tested!

Review by: Binary Options Watchdog.
The topic of today’s review is the Citidel LTD Investment APP by Dr. Kent Grifly. Let’s be clear, It’s not another scam and in fact, we predict that in 2016 it will become the most widely used automated-system for binary options in the globally. The website in question is: Citidelltd.comand it certainly managed to bring added value and innovation to the industry, due to the simple fact that members are treated as investors, rather than anonymous day-traders. Let’s go over all the facts and everything you need to know about the Citidel LTD App.
Citidel Investment software is a market-analyst tool that profits from the high volatility of the market with up to 87 percent in returns with an average of 84%+ ITM Accuracy Guaranteed. The differentiating factor, besides the simple fact that we’re not dealing with the typical online-trading scam, is that you’re not only granted access to an automated investment software, members also get an access to a free binary options Webinar and a full conference pass valued at $399 to one of many appearances DR. Grifly makes worldwide! Watch the video to learn more:
The person we should sincerely thank and salute is the entrepreneur who is behind this amazing innovation and unlike all the anonymous “gurus”… Grifly earned his Bachelor’s and Doctoral degrees in economics from Iowa State University. In recent years he started making public lectures in front of live audiences in conferences worldwide such as the FB Investors Cruise, the Financial Expo in Las Vegas and the WMS in Toronto. In the previous Vagas conference we sent one of our moderators to represent our website and he got to personally meet him. After meeting him you will happily pay the $399 to meet him again but all members get a free ticket to one of his lecture. The Citidel LTD Investment APP is a recent project with tremendous success, but Kent Grifly’s resume dates back to 1983 when he initially became the Chief Investment Strategist and Chairman at Grifly Capital LLC, an investment management firm which has grown exponentially over the years. We encourage you to watch the video on to get the full picture. At this point and moving forward, it’s evident to us that Citidel LTD is the best binary options software in the industry and one of a kind; we’ve tested it for months using multiple trading account and managed to make Tens of Thousands of Dollars using this unique technology.
Is Citidel LTD a SCAM?
We don’t have any doubt that any day-trading site or forum that has any respect for readers and for the industry, will test and review Citidel LTD and we are expecting the consensus to be very positive, however we know that some blogs will always find it more rewarding to promote scam offers instead and on a side note, if you’re not confident with an offer you should refer to our Blacklist Page and remember to always conduct independent research.
Citidel App is fully automated and synced to your broker account, it’s currently free + members get access to a free Webinar and a Live Conference. This opportunity is available world-wide, US and Canada and in every country where binary options is not restricted! Mobile apps are available for and you can use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox or Safari since it’s a web-based software. To make a long story short, we fully endorse Citidel on and give it a 10 out of 10 score in this review! Members and non-members are welcome to share any type of feedback below, and if you’re planning to attend the next Vegas conference look for the guys with the BOWD T-shirts, as all 5 of us are planning to attend! We’re also planning to show up this year at the London Forex and BO conference in February of 2016.
Review Verdict: Citidel LTD is not a scam!