Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Zulander Hack is a SCAM!!

 Unbiased Review!

Review by Binary Options Watchdog 
This is a warning to anyone who is considering to join the Zulander Hack SCAM, by the alleged Michael A. Wright! Our review is based on many complaints and evidence, all leading us to a firm conclusion that Zulanderhack.co is a fake site and not a true opportunity for binary options traders. Forget about making over 1000EUR every 5 minutes, because it’s not going to happen with any system or app, this is one of the most exaggerated claims we stumbled upon.
At BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com we receive many emails via Watchdog’s Complaint Center, alerting us about new scam sites and since The Zulander Hack is a well produced offer it turns out that many traders fell into their trap, reporting a daily performance of 55%-60% ITM, not enough to make money but certainly enough to land this failed system on our Blacklist. Michael A. Wright doesn’t exist, but the actor who pretends to go by this name is a liar.
Let’s set the record straight, the Zulanderhack.co domain was created on December of 2015, two months ago but yet they clearly state the following: “242 consecutive days of profit”‘, it’s clearly a misleading statement and they placed it right below the Zulander Hack logo to impress potential victims. This pitch page is a complete fraud, what’s “Verified Online” It’s probably an attempt to manipulate you into thinking that this website is 3rd party verified.
“3 Licenses Left? Come on…Really?!”
For those who already have experience with binary options, this review and warning is not necessary because this obvious scam was truly created for the absolute newbies. At the top right you will notice the “remaining spots left” widget, and the longer you stay on the Zulander Hack scam site, the membership count will drop but if you try signing-up on the following day, they will still let you in as this is nothing but a cheap, pressure tactic mainly used by scammers. Any legitimate broker or signals provider would provide you with some kind of credible evidence and information you can confirm but so far, besides a few fake reviews on random sites, it doesn’t look like this “wonderful opportunity” is gaining any real authority and certainly not on credible blogs and forums.
Based on the feedback we already received by Zulander Hack members, we know that they don’t answer to any support emails and if they do, they’ll just tell you to register and disappear. After you register with the software, they will redirect you to scam brokers which you may find listed on our Blacklist. Any broker that is collaborating with this fraud cannot have any credibility and we in general we suggest that whichever service you decide to work with, always verify that you’re dealing with a reputable, regulated broker because the last thing you want is, problems with customer service and withdrawals.
Review Verdict: Zulander Hack is a SCAM!